Managing Game Assets

If your have have Microtransactions or IAP, then selling Game Assets through your own Web Store can be done using our platform.

Go to Game Assets in the Dashboard to start creating or managing your In-Game Assets.

You can add:

  • Games as Projects

  • Then Add Virtual Currency or Virtual Item

  • Add Variants for each Virtual Currency and Item

  • Example: set Gold as new Virtual Currency, and then set 500xGold as one of the Variants

In order for your game's back-end to recognize transactions and award players with appropriate items, you need to define at least 2 fields:

  • SKU / Item_ID - this will be sent to your game's back-end via Webhooks - so that the game knows which items to be rewarded to the player

  • User_ID field - to be filled in by the user

  • Server_ID field - to be filled in by the user

You can customize those Custom Fields in the Project Settings:

When setting up Text field, add the following:

  • Label: name of the field, e.g. User ID

  • Placeholder: visible by default inside the text field, e.g. "Fill in your User ID here"

  • Regex:

  • Key name: this will be sent to your Webhook, e.g. user_id

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