How to buy a Game Key?

Navigate to Search or Explore in the top menu of the Web Store. It will look something like this:

Then, click on the product to go to its details page:

You can see all the necessary information about the game here:

  • Trailer video

  • Photo gallery

  • The platform the game is released: Steam, EA App, Epic Games, or others

  • Region of the game: Global, EU, EMEA etc. - it's important to know that every game key is dedicated to specific region

  • Type of the product: Digital Key, Virtual Item or Virtual Asset

  • Description of the game

  • System requirements

Now, to buy the game and receive its key (Steam, Epic Games or any other), follow these steps:

  1. Click "Add To Cart",

  2. This will add the game to your cart that's visible in top right corner,

  1. Type in your e-mail to receive the key (you don't have to sign up or sign in to receive the game's key),

  1. Choose your preferred payment method and fill in the fields. The whole checkout process is encrypted and PCI-compliant thanks to Stripe integration:

Remember to fill in your e-mail address to receive the game key there. It will be also shown in the Order History if you choose to Sign Up to the Web Store (but that's not necessary).

  1. Check your e-mail for your Game Key code.

  1. You can also check all your ordered game keys or virtual assets in the Order History of your account on the Web Store (make sure to Sign Up there first):

Now, in order to active keys, check following articles:

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