You can benefit greatly from selling games or in-game assets with our Webstore Builder - we're expanding our integrations library to help you increase your sales.

For now, there are 3 possbile integrations:

  1. Stripe: you can connect your existing Stripe account or create a new one going through our onboarding process,

  1. Google Tag Manager: a great way to implement ANY JavaScript into your Web Store including:

  • Google Analytics

  • Gogole AdWords

  • Facebook Pixel

  • HotJar or Optimizely for A/B Testing

  • Any chatbot

You can read more about GTM here.

  1. Google Merchant Center - a great way to include your games or in-game assets in Google Search (helps greatly with SERP and SEO).

  2. Trustpilot: helps you with trust for your Web Store

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