Add Game Keys

Create Game and share your amazing project with the audience! No matter, if you want to show pre-launch content or start selling. Adding a Game Key to your Website is a great place to start.

Follow the steps below and let us help you with this process:

  1. Click on Game Keys on sidebar menu and then on Add Game button on right top corner

  1. First, add the cover image for the game - this will show up in Search and Product Details page:

  1. Add name of the game, include the complete name, edition and type of the game (like DLC), platform (like PC and Steam):

  1. Add Description, Trailer URL (YouTube only) and you can use the trailer to be your Cover Video on Product Details page:

  1. More details will be needed for your game - as this will help the end-user decide on buying the game from you.

Add Genre:

  • Choose appropriate Genre

  • You can add multiple Genres (like Action, Horror, Strategy)

Add Product Region:

  • Global, Europe, LATAM, EMEA and countries

  • This is important as Game Keys can be activated only in appropriate regions - so be careful with this

Add Tags:

  • Tags will help users find your product

  • This can also be used as a filter and you can link straight to Search with appropriate tags


  • Choose the platform for the key to be activated, like Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch and more

  • Choosing the right platform is important for the user


  • Choose Windows, Playstation 4, 5 or others

  • Remember to add System Requirements

  1. Set up Price. You can always go back to this step later or amend it when needed!

⭐ Note that the price of the Steam keys cannot be lower than the game price on the Steam platform

  1. Upload Game Keys (Steam, GOG, Epic Games, PSN, Xbox live and more). These are codes that can be activated in appropriate platforms.

CSV file to upload Game Keys should look like this (remember it has to be CSV only with 1 column):

ℹī¸ You can receive up to 5,000 game keys from Steam which can be sold on other platforms.

Not sure if selling your game's Steam keys are legit? Watch the video below:

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