Platform Fees

In this section we'll describe Fungies Business Model and how we charge you - Game Developers

Below you'll find our Pricing details. Check it on our website:

How does it work?

We use something called Stripe Connect which is intended for Marketplaces like Uber or AirBnB - where there's one Master Merchant account - that's Fungies, and many Sub-Merchant accounts - like Game Developers. More information about Stripe Connect can be found here.

  1. The customer pays to our Stripe account using 400+ paymen methods available globally

  2. We receive the amount and then it's redirected instantly to your Stripe Sub-Merchant account

  3. We deduct our Platform Fee which is 5%+$0.5 per every transaction that's occured on your Web Store

  4. We pay Stripe fees

  5. You receive the net amount

  6. Taxes are colleced, calculated and reported by us - you receive Net Revenue

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