Getting Started

Good to know: we're working hard to provide you a the best building your website experience. We aim that our tool will suit your needs and show your amazing game to the wider public!
First, welcome to Fungies! We're super happy you're here and would like to thank you for using our products. As a reminder, here's a short video how to create and publish your store!
A detailed guide on how to get started with our Web Shop for gaming platform
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Check out one of our samples of the Store!

Here are some stores that we've prepared:
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Register with e-mail

Register in a few short steps. Provide your email address and password.

Verify e-mail (check Spam folder!)

Check verification e-mail has landed in your Spam folder! And then click "Verify"
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Create your own subdomain and name your store or marketplace!

This is exciting! Now name your store or marketplace and let us handle your subdomain. You can always change the subdomain to your own domain later on in Settings! Choose whenever you would like your website to be Web3 (NFT) compatible or not.

Congratulations! You now have officially on the Fungies' portal!

Now you can access your beautiful developer dashboard just like below:

Fundamentals: Dive into details and set up your store

Learn the fundamentals of Fungies.io to get a deeper understanding of our main features:
  1. 1.
    Manage and customize your Store in Website Builder
  2. 2.
    Add Game with essential details, price and upload Steam keys for your title
  3. 3.
    Allow us to help you manage finances and taxes by adding your Stripe account
  4. 4.
    Publish the store and keep track of the metrics!