Connect your Stripe account

In order to start receiving payments for your Games or In-Game Assets - create your own Stripe account that will be a submerchant account to ours.

To enable transactions on your Web Store please ensure that correct Stripe account is connected to Fungies platform.

Thanks to Fungies, you do not need to bother about taxes we are Merchant of Records and handle all essential payouts and take care of smoothness of transactions!

1. Create New Stripe account or connect to existing one

By creating a new account, we'll be able to pay you out in desired methods. Security, fraud detection, onboarding is all on Stripe's side. We rely on Stripe's long history of catering to the likes of Shopify to provide secure payments options. Access the Payout tab in Dashboard like below:

2. Customers pay to Fungies, and then we distribute payments to your Stripe account

We use Stripe Connect, which is a platform solution for merchants. End-users will pay to our Stripe account and then they'll get distributed automatically to your accounts.

3. You can execute payouts whenever you want

Just log into the dashboard or go to your dedicated Stripe's payout dashboard.

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